Engine Co. 27 Runs Back to Back House Fires on the Same Street

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016- At around 1600 hours Wednesday afternoon Engine Company 27 was alerted to respond to the 2300 BLK of Ramblewood Dr in Company 26’s area for a reported house on fire. A citizen advised fire in the back room of a residence. Units from the 3rd and 1st Battalion arrived on the scene to find a 2 story, single family, detached, wood frame ‘Cape Cod’ house with fire showing from the 1st floor. Engine Co. 27 dispatched 3rd due on this Box Alarm, arrived on the scene, secured a secondary water supply, and pulled a back up line to Side Charlie. After several moments, companies knocked the fire, checked for extension, and conducted over haul. Engine Co. 27 began to rack up equipment and was quickly back in service ready for another run…


1657 HOURS- While preparing to leave the scene of the previous Box Alarm, a citizen advised Engine Co. 27’s crew of a house on fire a few blocks away from the scene of the first house fire. Engine Co. 27 arrived on the scene of the 2100 BLK of Ramblewood Dr to find a two-story, ordinary construction, detached, single family home with a fire on the first floor. The crew from Engine C0. 27, stretched a 200′ 1 3/4” hand line to Division 1, located the fire, searched the immediate fire area, extinguished the same, and checked for extension. This is the 3rd fire for Company 27 in approximately 24 hours. The Engine Company packed up and was back in service quickly and was back on the street running multiple calls for service. Station 27 also maintained a dedicated BLS Ambulance during most of the day.


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Photo Credit: PGFD PIO Brady


Kenneth Michael Hedrick – January 12, 1992 LODD

A message from the Fire Chief:


I wanted to take the time to write to the department on the eve of the 24th anniversary of the Line of Duty Death of Kenny Hedrick and encourage you all to remember him and honor his sacrifice.  Kenny was taken from us on January 12, 1992 while operating on a house fire in the 3800 blk. of Walls Lane after doing what we all are here to do – save a life.  Kenny rescued a seven year old boy and returned back into the house to search for more, unfortunately, he never was able to emerge.
I never knew Kenny, but many of you did and you knew him as a friend, brother, son, and fireman.  I respect this young man more than most can imagine and realize that he was only upholding the highest traditions of the fire department.  So that others may live, Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friend’s – these are all sayings that are more than just words.  They are beliefs that our company operates by, they are words that give Kenny’s parents, Les and Cathy, comfort and help them continue their journey to protect and watch over us.  We must not just remember Kenny, we must listen to the lessons he has taught us and the many more that Cathy and Les have since spread to us.
There is no time better than now. Please join me in reflecting on these events and all of the ones that have brought you to Morningside to serve.  Tomorrow is a difficult time for our family; Les and Cathy must remain strong as another year has past, friends and loved ones are reminded of Kenny and reflect upon the life of this amazing young man and our organization.  We all must come together and support each other during this difficult time.  We should review the operational report, review new General Orders and continue to learn our jobs, all in an effort to ensure that we are safe and can keep others that way as well.  I never had the fortune of meeting Kenny, but I am touched by him and this organization everyday.  God bless all of you and I will see you tomorrow.
Warm Regards,
“The Desire To Serve,
The Courage To Act,
The Ability To Perform.”

The above was seen by Cathy Hedrick at a memorial event she attended, the passage immediately moved her and was later placed on Engine Company 271 (1995 Pierce Lance Pumper).  This slogan has since been added to every piece of apparatus owned by the MVFD and will carry on as the vision of this department.

Michael R. Poetker

Fire Chief

Engine Co. And Rescue Engine Run Apartment Fire in Silver Hill

November 15th, 2015- In the early afternoon hours of November 15th after a morning filled with Box Alarms and other multi-unit responses, the Engine and Rescue Engine from Morningside were back on the street, this time alerted for the report of fire in the terrace level of an apartment building in the 3800 BLK of Saint Barnabas Road. Crews from the Silver Hill Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene to find a 3 story, End of the Row, Ordinary Construction, ‘Garden Style’ apartment building with smoke showing. The Working Fire Dispatch was immediately sounded. Units from Company 27 arrived minutes later. The Engine Co. picked up Company 29’s supply hose while the Rescue Engine circled around the complex to lay out from a secondary hydrant and pull close to Side Charlie of the structure. The Engine Co. backed up Company 29 while the Rescue Engine stretched the 400′ 1 3/4” pre-connected attack line to Side Charlie and made entry via a ground level apartment on that side of the structure. While stretching this attack line the Rescue Engine briefly assisted a citizen out from a ground level window on Side Alpha and handed the citizen over to awaiting EMS crews. The hydrant being utilized by Engine 29 was found to be damaged and in order to overcome this the driver from Rescue Engine 27 ran a short section of supply line to Engine 29. The Rescue Engine then supplied water to the fire ground for the remainder of the incident. Crews from Morningside assisted crews from Company 29 with extinguishment of a fire in a storage closet in the ‘terrace level’ of the apartment building. The fire was quickly brought under control. The Engine Co. and Rescue Engine crews quickly racked up and the companies were back in service ready to provide services to the citizens.

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Company 27 Runs ‘Cut Job’ in the First Due

November 14th, 2015- In the early afternoon hours of November 14th Company 27 was alerted for the report of a Rescue Local with people trapped at Suitland Parkway and Suitland Road, seconds from the fire house. This call put the Rescue Engine, Engine Company, and Ambulance on the street. Units from Company 27 and the 3rd Battalion arrived on the scene to confirm one patient trapped in the vehicle. The Rescue Engine arrived on the scene, stabilized the vehicle, gained access to the patient, and began working to remove the drivers side of the vehicle, including two doors, and the ‘B Post’. The patient was extricated moments later and handed over to the awaiting Ambulance crew from Co. 27. This was one of many calls for service for Morningside that would include several Rescue Locals, Local Alarms, and Box Alarms. This was also the second extrication in four days for Morningside.


Photo Credit: B. Fitch

Rescue Engine Runs ‘Double Extrication’ W/Fly Out In Clinton

November 12th, 2015- In the morning hours of November 12th the Rescue Engine was alerted to respond to the area of Piscataway Road and Temple Hills Road for the report of a serious motor vehicle accident with patients entrapped. While en route to the scene Public Safety Communications began receiving multiple calls for the same incident in the area. Initial units from Clinton arrived on the scene and Chief 25A reported one patient ‘pinned’ in one vehicle requiring a ‘dash roll’ and another patient trapped in another vehicle requiring a ‘door pop’. The Rescue Engine and Chief 27A arrived on scene moments later fully staffed with 6 volunteers and immediately split crews and began work extricating both patients. The vehicle requiring a ‘door pop’ was handled within minutes of arrival and the patient was handed over to awaiting EMS crews. The Rescue Engine crew then simultaneously worked on completion of the extrication on the vehicle requiring a ‘roof removal’ and ‘dash roll’. After a challenging extrication due to patient positioning, the dash was lifted off the patient, and the patient was handed over to EMS crews on scene. Command requested air support for rapid transport to an area trauma center. The helicopter landed in a field directly behind the incident scene while the crews packaged the patient. The Rescue Engine crew then moved to assist the units from Clinton and the 7th Battalion moving the patient into the awaiting helicopter. All crews on scene worked flawlessly together to obtain a positive outcome.

This was just one of many calls for service volunteers from Company 27 took in during the day, including Box Alarms and Street Alarms.

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